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Friendly LwM2M Client

Carrier-grade embedded clients for IoT.


Friendly’s OMA-LwM2M client SDK embedded edition is a framework that implements the OMA LwM2M 1.0/1.1 protocol.

The SDK is designed to manage low-profile and constrained Class 0 and Class 1 devices where small memory footprints and binaries size are of great importance.

Friendly’s LwM2M client can be deployed over various IoT and CIoT technologies, including LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT, and EC-GSM-IoT.

Friendly Technologies provides an LwM2M server for device lab testing and commercial deployments.

LwM2M Features

  • NIDD and TCP support
  • Device registration
  • Support of standard data model
  • SDK for customization and additional development
  • Remote device configuration
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Device location tracking
  • Device monitoring
  • Reset/ reboot device

LwM2M Technical Specifications

  • The client footprint is less than 100K
  • Supported OS: Android, Linux POSIX. The client can be ported with other operating systems.
  • Support for v.1.1 OSCORE object
  • Interfaces
    • Bootstrapping – Pre-provisioned or Client/Server Initiated
    • Registration – Register the Client and its Objects
    • Management & Service Enablement – Server access to Object or Resource
    • Information Reporting – Notifications with new Resource values
  • Based on efficient, secure IETF standards
    • CoAP and DTLS with UDP and SMS bindings
  • Interfaces
    • Bootstrapping – Pre-provisioned or Client/Server Initiated
    • Registration – Register the Client and its Objects
    • Management & Service Enablement – Server access to Object or Resource
    • Information Reporting – Notifications with new Resource values
  • Object Model
    • Object defines Resources; each can have Instances
    • Defining a new Object is straightforward
    • Object IDs are registered with the OMA Naming Authority (OMNA)
  • Efficient Payloads
    • Plain text for individual resources
  • LwM2M Management Object

One of the biggest challenges of managing IoT devices is finding the proper framework to connect and manage resource-constrained and powerful devices. An IoT ecosystem consists of sensors of different capacities, actuators, and gateways. Friendly Technologies’ device management solutions empower service providers to seamlessly provision, configure, and manage devices remotely.

Friendly’s Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) client is specifically designed to enhance IoT device management. The client implements the OMA LwM2M 1.0/1.1 protocol flawlessly. It is perfect for managing constrained and low-profile devices (Class 0 and Class 1) with a small memory footprint. The client supports different IoT and CIoT technologies such as NB-IoT, LTW CAT-M1, and EC-GSM-IoT. In addition to the client, the LwM2M server helps service providers test devices in lab conditions and implement commercial deployments.

Friendly’s LwM2M client is designed for:

  • IoT service providers
  • IoT device manufacturers
  • IoT vendors
  • Enterprise users
  • Telecom companies
  • Developer Community

Friendly’s LwM2M client features:

  • Minimal footprint for CPU, Flash, and RAM resources
  • Support for NIDD and TCP
  • Remote device registration and configuration
  • Support for the standard data model and v.1.1 OSCORE object
  • Easily customize or seek additional development support
  • Remote configuration, location tracking, and monitoring of devices
  • Remote reset and reboot devices

Friendly’s LwM2M client is based on industry-grade IETF standards. It comes with DTLS and CoAP with SMS and UDP bindings. In addition, the client’s interface supports pre-provisioned or client/server-initiated bootstrapping, client/object registration, service enablement, device management, and information reporting with appropriate notifications.

The Friendly LwM2M client is a robust IoT device management solution perfect for low-profile and constrained Class 0 and Class 1 devices. It has an easy-to-use interface and allows seamless bootstrapping, registration, management & service enablement, and information reporting. Defining new objects is straightforward, and their IDs are noted in the OMA Naming Authority’s (OMNA) register.

The client is particularly suitable for IoT vendors who seek seamless control over sensors, devices, and other IoT-related infrastructure.

Benefits for IoT vendors:

  • LwM2M is future-proof. It is 5G ready and adheres to NB-IoT and LTE-M standards.
  • High priority to security and robust vendor ecosystems
  • Supports a wide range of devices, from resource-constrained ones to powerful devices
  • Harmonizes the IoT ecosystem by delivering impeccable device management and enablement of service
  • Significantly reduce the time to market IoT solutions, and hasten deployment and service enablement
  • Follows industry-standard security best practices. Includes confidentiality, high-level data encryption, and secure device authentication.

Benefits for Subscribers:

  • Better resolution of sensor-related issues
  • Quick deployment and initiation of IoT services
  • Automated communication with IoT vendors to notify events
  • Reduced need to connect with contact centers
  • Low power consumption and better management of various types of sensors
  • Perform for both home and enterprise IoT usage

A robust LwM2M client that addresses every need of IoT vendors

Friendly’s LwM2M client is a plug-and-play solution that helps IoT vendors and service providers quickly register devices, configure, and enable services. It also helps them to manage and control connected sensors and devices remotely. The LwM2M client alerts vendors and service providers when certain events take place and help them to resolve issues quickly. As a result, it helps improve customer satisfaction scores and enhance revenue growth in the long term.

As the client is 5G-ready and future-proof, vendors and service providers can rest assured that they can continue to deploy, configure, and manage IoT devices for a long time to come. Most importantly, all this takes place on an easy-to-use interface, making Friendly Technologies’ LwM2M client unrivaled. See also:

The Friendly LwM2M Client is now Open Source for IoT Vendors!

Learn more about the open-source LwM2M client here.