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One-IoT™ Device Management

Any Device. Any Network. Any Vertical.


Friendly’s One-IoT™ Device Management provides robust administration for multiple types of IoT devices – both those with a complex data model and constrained devices – via industry-leading open-standard protocols, such as LwM2M, MQTT, MQTT-SN, AMQP, CoAP, TR-369 USP, and proprietary protocols.

IoT Device Management Features

The Friendly IoT solution incorporates future-ready modules and functionalities for a successful deployment, monitoring, and management of IoT devices for any vertical.

Friendly IoT Architecture

IoT Device Provisioning

Effortlessly add new devices.

  • Automated onboarding
  • Auto-device discovery
  • Unified data models
  • Dynamic Procedures

IoT Management

Future-ready device management for the Internet of Things.

  • Unified Device Management
  • Sensors & gateways
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Remote configuration
  • Group management


Firmware-over-the-air made easy.

  • Firmware versioning
  • Firmware control
  • Custom configuration
  • Profiles and key files

Monitoring for IoT Devices

Experience a master-level view.

  • Monitoring parameters
  • Data orchestration
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Conditional & rate limit ingestions

IoT Device Event Management

Ensure you don’t miss a thing with the following event-related features:

  • Event triggering
  • External API
  • SNMP traps
  • Conditional actions
  • Conditional configs

Tools for IoT

Equipped with the tools to make your IoT device management experience painless.

  • Diagnostics tools
  • Networking tools
  • Trace and debugging tools
  • Detect & repair
  • Auto-fix


Friendly IoT has multiple integration capabilities and options.

  • Unified APIs
  • Swagger RESTful
  • Subscription patterns and callbacks
  • Auth & Secure
  • Cloud connectors
  • IoT hub bridge
  • PKI Systems
  • AAA – LDAP & AD

Security for IoT

IoT data is in safe hands with these Friendly features:

  • Edge Device – DTLS/TLS/OSCORE
  • Interfaces & APIs – JWT, OAUTH, SAML
  • Platform security measures
  • Data encryption
  • Data sovereignty
  • ISO 27001
  • IoT Device Management Portals
  • Administration
  • Technician
  • Pre-provisioning
  • Monitoring
  • Unlimited multi-tenancy

The Friendly One-IoT™ device management platform is available via private cloud, public cloud, or installed on the customer’s premises. Additionally, Friendly Technologies offers an App Generator module that enables the quick and easy generation – and update – of any custom applications without additional programming.

The Building Blocks of an IoT Platform

Device Management is an essential component of any IoT platform.

Generic IoT platforms available on the market typically enable the monitoring of IoT sensors and devices, data collection, and application functions.

Large-scale IoT deployments require a more advanced set of features, like the ones offered with Friendly’s IoT device management, including:

  • Provisioning and authentication
  • Configuration and control
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Software updates and maintenance
  • Connectivity management
  • Advanced analytic capabilities
  • Security

Friendly Technologies is the leading provider of fully-featured device management solutions, integrated with various third-party providers.

Friendly One-IoT™ Device Management vs. other IoT solutions

IoT device management vs IoT platforms

One-IoT™ Device Management Server

The Friendly One-IoT™ Device Management server is a Java-based solution that enables the management of millions of IoT devices via standard and proprietary protocols, such as LwM2M, MQTT, TR-369 USP, OMA-DM, CoAP, HTTP, SMNP, and others.

In addition to the management server, the solution includes modules for the Administrator, Call Center, and Network Manager for QoS Monitoring – as well as an extensive API for easy development of vertical applications per customer’s needs.

Friendly’s One-IoT™ Device Management server enables the management of the entire lifecycle of IoT devices for any vertical – Energy, Utilities, Agriculture, Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Vending, Healthcare, Security, Manufacturing, Fleet Management, Automotive, Asset Tracking, and more.

IoT verticals icons

Friendly One-IoT™ Main Features

  • Automated provisioning
  • Sensor and gateway management
  • Manage multiple protocols on one platform: LwM2M, MQTT, TR-369 USP, OMA-DM, CoAP, and others
  • Device diagnostics and repair
  • Remote device configuration
  • Group management
  • Firmware updates
  • Monitoring and data collection
  • Event triggering
  • Unified API
  • Admin & Technician portals

IoT Data Management and Analytics

Friendly One-IoT enables data collection and data streaming from any IoT-connected device. Data can be stored locally within the customer premise data warehouse or streamed to the cloud. Streaming connectors, like Kafka, MQTT, Pub/Sub, and RESTful are supported by Friendly’s IoT device management platform.

The Friendly One-IoT engine collects and stores data for analytics, including:

  • Any device parameter
  • Sensor/gateway status on/off
  • Battery status
  • Telemetry data/sensor data
  • Location
  • Firmware/software version

The system can trigger events based on policies and rules created by the admin.

Friendly One-IoT™ Deployment Scenarios

Friendly One-IoT™ supports NB-IoT, CAT-M1 & LoRaWAN as well as Fixed Networks. The solution is infrastructure-independent with flexible deployment options.

Friendly One-IoT™ Deployment Scenarios  icons

Customization and Integration

The IoT devices connect to the IoT Platform via standard or proprietary protocols. Friendly already supports most of the standards and is continually adding other widely accepted protocols as they emerge. We support additional protocols upon request.


The Unique Benefits of Friendly IoT Device Management

  • Streamlined IoT service rollout
  • Solve the puzzle of deployment and management of different types of devices (over various protocols)
  • Avoid the need for extensive professional services required to make a device manageable.
  • Carrier-grade solution – manage tens of millions of devices on one platform while efficiently using computing resources.
  • One platform – multiple protocols: LwM2M, MQTT, OMA-DM, CoAP, TR-369 USP, and others
  • Integration with app generators, SCEF server, data analytics solutions, IoT clouds
  • Management of the entire lifecycle of IoT devices
  • Management of both constrained devices and devices with complex data models
  • Central Device Registry – mix and manage data, devices, and external systems – all on a single, open-standard platform.
  • Cloud-independent solution with flexible deployment options

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