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Friendly OMA-DM Client

Friendly’s OMA-DM client is the most advanced and feature-rich OMA-DM client and is certified by the leading US carriers.


Friendly’s OMA-DM embedded client is an industry-leading solution that provides advanced and feature-rich device management capabilities. The client has been rigorously tested and certified by leading US carriers, ensuring seamless interoperability with carrier networks and compatibility with a wide range of devices. With our OMA-DM client, device manufacturers and service providers can easily manage device settings, firmware updates, and other device-related tasks, resulting in improved device performance, reduced support costs, and enhanced user experience.

friendly embedded client for android
For Android

  • Friendly OMA-DM client for Android (FODA)
  • Android client requiring either platform certificate signature or inclusion into Android ROM image
Friendly embedded client for Linux
For Linux

  • Friendly OMA-DM Client SDK for Embedded Linux
  • SDK to build OMA-DM client software for embedded Linux devices

OMA-DM Embedded Client Features

With full support of the OMA-DM and OMA-CP protocols, our OMA-DM Embedded Client is fully compliant with industry standards, ensuring seamless interoperability with carrier networks and compatibility with a wide range of devices. Our extensive SDK with implementation samples allows for easy integration and customization, providing flexibility to meet unique business needs.

Our OMA-DM Embedded Client includes support for the OMA-DM data model, provisioning and bootstrap, firmware upgrade over the air (FUMO), configuration management, software management and update (SCOMO), and lock-and-wipe functionality, among others. With a light footprint and storage footprint of only 2MB (with sample plugin management objects), our client provides high-level security and diagnostics while maintaining efficient device performance.

Our client also includes full data tree management, email and browser objects, APN (Access Point) objects for SMS, MMS and Internet access, Wi-Fi access point management, roaming state (service, signal, etc.), OS Info object (e.g. build, version, OS name, etc.), device status object (battery levels, IMEI, network type, etc.), and device capabilities management (e.g. ability to turn Bluetooth on/off). Connection request initiation via WAP push and an OMA-DM server setup form to configure connection parameters are also included.

Friendly OMA-DM Embedded Client functions as a background service that can be launched on device start-up, providing seamless and efficient device management without interfering with user experience. Trust Friendly’s OMA-DM Embedded Client to provide the advanced device management capabilities your business needs.