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IoT Application Enablement

Any Device. Any Network. Any Vertical.


The Friendly IoT device management system supports a range of apps and analytics for multiple markets.

IoT Application Enablement Platform

Friendly IoT functions as an IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP), with the option to include an IoT Application Generator that allows users to generate IoT web-based dashboard applications without the need to write any additional code.

The IoT Application Generator includes the ability to create, edit, and manage the following:

  • IoT Dashboard Applications – The ability to create your own custom dashboard for device management and data visualization.
  • Multi-tenancy – Create various dashboards and applications for hosted tenants.
  • Assets – Define physical or logical assets in your organization.
  • Devices – Devices in the One-IoT AEP registry are automatically integrated and can be used within the IoT dashboard applications.
  • Display Widgets – Customizable widgets representing the sensor or actuator physical parameters, including thermometer, gauges, dials, maps, etc.
  • Rule Engine – Create custom definitions for outgoing data, alerts, alarms, functions, analytics, actions, and use cases.
  • Integration Patterns – Create pre-defined integration rules for processing device data.
  • Data Converters – Define conversion functions for data payloads – inbound or outbound – including data enrichment.
  • Sensors – Agrotech, industrial, environmental, smart cities, eHealth, wearables, mobile, and others.

IoT Analytics

Collecting and analyzing data from devices may assist service providers in understanding the user and service experience. IoT devices produce both device-related and telemetry data that can assess device health, operational status, service usage, and experience.

Friendly’s IoT platform works hand in hand with Friendly Unified Device Management, interacting and streaming data to any cloud service provider. Friendly’s UDMP utilizes industry standards, such as MQTT, Kafka, Pub/Sub, RESTful, and most others.