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Smart Home Platform

Full White Label Smart Home Solution – a complete carrier-grade solution for accelerated Smart Home service delivery.


Your Own Home Automation Service

Friendly’s Smart Home management platform is a full solution for the management and monitoring of millions of households. It enables service providers to introduce their own Smart Home Service to subscribers, offering various Smart Home service packages.

Friendly’s Smart Home platform provides subscribers with a coherent and holistic view and control of all devices in their Smart Home: from appliances and security sensors to cameras and power management, including camera view, recording sensors status, alarms upon events, automated scenarios, and more.

The solution is available for installation at the service provider’s premises or as a cloud solution. Friendly Technologies can provide smart hubs and sensors from leading manufacturers, or integrate the solution with devices of your choice. Friendly’s Smart Home Platform is device agnostic and helps avoid dependency on specific device vendors.

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Friendly Smart Home Management Platform Features

Features for the End User

  • Mobile Application: Enable subscribers to manage their Smart Home easily and remotely
  • Security Status: Arm and disarm home security from a smartphone
  • Profile Management: “At Home,” “At Work,” “Night,” or “Abroad” modes, with predefined responses to alerts and events
  • Camera View: View each camera online and record a short session
  • Sensor Status: Check the current status of all sensors, and be notified of any issues
  • Alerts: Receive a text message upon user-defined events
  • Panic Button: In case of emergency
  • Appliance Management: Remote management of electrical appliances

Benefits for Operators

  • End-to-End Smart Home platform – Ready for immediate deployment
  • Dedicated server or cloud-based solution
  • Integration with any Smart Home Gateway (Hub) and Sensor
  • Video management: Online streaming, user-initiated short recordings, event-triggered recording, 24/7 recording
  • Smart Home software on a dongle: Offer competitive budget-friendly service
  • White Label solution: Apply your own branding
  • Diagnostics and remote problem resolution tools for Call Center representatives
  • Scalable solution for the management of millions of homes
  • Big Data collection and analytics
  • Protocols Support: Standard (TR-069 and others) and proprietary protocols
  • Rules and Automation: Pre-defined behavior based on Profile/Events/Time
  • Alarms and Notifications: Notifications server for alerts via SMS, calls, emails
  • Power Management: Usage statistics of energy consumption, analytics and reporting
  • Admin Tools: Remote firmware upgrades, Smart Home gateway and sensors health and battery diagnostics
  • Northbound API for integration with external systems
  • Smart Layer technology for seamless mediation between various protocol

Benefits for Subscribers

  • Mobile Application: Enable subscribers to easily manage Smart Home remotely
  • Control Home Security : Arm/disarm, alerts, recording upon event, proactive alert notifications
  • Profile Management: “At Home,” “At Work,” “Night,” or “Abroad” modes with pre-defined responses to alerts and events
  • Camera View and Recording: Online camera view and optional 24/7 recording available
  • Sensor Status: Current status of all sensors, with event notification
  • Panic Button: Immediate notification in case of emergency
  • Climate Management: HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) management
  • Appliance and Light Management: Management of electrical appliances and home lighting

The Friendly Smart Home platform can be managed remotely from a PC, tablet, and/or smartphone.


Friendly Smart Home Platform Packages

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