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QoE Monitoring

Manage subscriber QoE across broadband and FTTH services.



Today’s landscape is highly competitive, with subscribers having the freedom to select services from multiple service operators. As a result, service providers today are facing high churn rates. In order to reduce churn rates, service operators work harder at offering a better customer experience and ensuring that services meet customer expectations. Operators understand that providing consistently reliable and high-quality service through effective QoE measurement will lead to increased subscriber satisfaction and loyalty over time and a drop in churn.

Friendly Technologies’ QoE Monitoring measures the quality of service at the subscriber endpoint. Based on the unique ‘QoE Proxy’ technique, which facilitates the observation of TR 069 performance, Service Operators can proactively identify problems before they are felt by the customer, reducing service calls and churn and increasing satisfaction.

Friendly QoE Monitoring Pro verifies quality levels and KPIs of broadband connectivity and service. If performance degradation or threshold violations are detected, the system sends an alarm notification and appropriate preventative actions can be taken. The application provides a broader view of the system in its entirety, rather than a limited assessment based on where degradation is located.

Measuring and understanding the Subscriber’s Quality of Experience is highly important for the following segments:

  • xDSL, Cable, ONT services – Ensure smooth service operation and high throughput.
  • 4G LTE Mobile Broadband – Maximize radio network performance.
  • IPTV OTT services – Avoid image pixelization, freezing, and zapping delays.
  • Business Customers – Guarantee SLA.

Friendly’s QoE & Monitoring solution enables measuring the service quality, network performance, and traffic utilization as experienced by the subscriber.

Friendly’s QoE collects, analyzes, stores, and presents KPIs and QoE measurements.

Granular Reporting

  • Historical reporting of KPIs measurements and QoE data
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Patterns and trends analysis o Forecasting capabilities
  • Quick identification and resolution of network problems

Threshold Crossing Alerts

  • TCA (Threshold Crossing Alerts) for conditional alarm generation on predefined violations
  • Violation engine – thresholds may be arbitrary expressions or functions of several KPIs collected on more than just one device
  • Alarm list – view all open alarms o Alarm severity – minor, major, critical o SNMP Alarm to higher-level umbrella NMS systems
  • Alarm to Emails

Carrier Class & Scalability

  • “QoE Proxy” based
  • Robust, scalable architecture design for monitoring millions of end-user devices
  • High availability, application cluster, no single point of failure
  • Zero interruption to ACS activity

Standard Base

  • Multi-protocol support TR-069, SNMP, and OMA-DM
  • Eliminate the need for embedded clients installed on the CPE side

Integration to 3rd party systems

  • Easily export data to CSV / XML Files
  • Web Services SOAP API
  • Direct database access
  • SNMP alarms
  • Management of single and multiple CPEs per user
  • CPE and customer profile management
  • User management
  • Mass Update / CPE Group Update
  • Software/Firmware Image Management
  • CPE Policy Management
  • CPE-based events triggering
  • Support of devices connected to the router (TR-111)
  • Full support of the TR-69 specs
  • Complete API/NBI to external applications

Benefits of QoE Monitoring

  • Enables provisioning and delivery of value-added services
  • Supports all routers, set-top boxes (STBs), ATAs, cameras, and IP phones with no additional development
  • Improve subscriber’s QoS
  • Reduces the cost of provisioning new subscribers and new services
  • Reduces ongoing support costs

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