Smart Home

Launch your own Smart Home service with ease.

Smart Home Client

Embedded client for Smart Home gateways

The middleware enables Smart Home service providers to:

  • Manage multiple types of Smart Home gateways on a unified management platform
  • Convert existing routers to Smart Home gateways*

Friendly’s Embedded Smart Home can be integrated with Friendly’s Smart Home Management platform or with any third party’s management platform.

Friendly’s Embedded Smart Home is designed to support Zigbee, Z-wave and other proprietary protocols. It enables remote Smart Home gateways and sensors, monitoring and management and real-time control of lights, HVAC, and shutters. The middleware facilitates alerts for events and profile shadowing (specific protocol activation, even in the absence of Internet connection).

Friendly Smart Home Embedded is designed to overcome the challenges of Smart Home service providers who want to use multiple types of Smart Home gateways from different vendors (for example, different gateway types for different market segments or to avoid dependency on one hardware vendor) on a unified Smart Home management platform.


  • Support of Zigbee/ Z-wave/ proprietary protocols
  • Real-time sensor inventory display
  • Add or remove sensor
  • Remote sensor monitoring and management
  • Remote gateway monitoring and management
  • Real-time control: lights, HVAC, shutters, appliances, etc.
  • Backup and restore
  • Reboot and reset of devices
  • Get the sensor’s battery status
  • Alerts upon events
  • Profile shadow: specific protocol activation, even in the absence of Internet connection

*The router needs to support Zigbee /Z-wave technology on or without a dongle.