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Support Automation

Streamline the entire lifecycle of FTTH and broadband services with top-tier tech support automation.


96% of customers will leave due to a lack of quality in customer support from their service provider.* What are some of the biggest complaints that we see globally? Typically, the wait is too long to get a human on the phone, slow service times, or the customer support representative (CSR) could not solve the issue, and it required an in-person appointment to be set.** This costs companies dearly in productivity and real money, which could be avoided with the right tools in place. Let Friendly help you here with the Support Automation feature built into our Device Management platform.

Streamline Tech Support Automation

Friendly’s TR-069/USP Support Center reduces the service provider’s operational costs and helps modernize the standard customer support and technical support workflows. With our world-class support automation system, we provide your CSR team with a set of tools to increase its efficiency, and it’s built right into the Friendly Unified Device Management Platform (UDMP).

Some of the key benefits:

  • Easy to use for all levels of CSRs
  • Supports all types of customer premise equipment (CPEs)/devices in one portal
  • Swift diagnostics
  • Quick problem resolution
  • Adjust device parameters remotely

Learn more about Friendly’s Device Management Technical Support Center.

Empower Your Customers with Self-Support

Consumers are demanding the capability to be in charge of resolving standard and recurring issues on their own. With Friendly’s Self-Support Portal and Mobile App, designed with the end-user in mind, your customers can now enjoy the conveniences of self-support from the palms of their hands.

Key features include:

  • The Friendly Mobile App – white-labeled for you, perfect for them
  • Friendly Automated Problem Resolution (APR), created especially for non-technical users, with
    – Automatic diagnostics
    – Self-repair tools
    – Network map
    Multiple security features
  • Support for multiple types of devices
  • Ready for value-added services

Learn more about Friendly’s Self-Support Portal.

Are you ready to take the proactive approach to the support offered to end-users?  Get in touch with us and request a demo!