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Friendly Unified Device Management

Streamline the entire lifecycle of FTTH and broadband services with the most-deployed device management platforms.


Friendly Unified Device Management (UDM) is a robust line of products developed to orchestrate all steps of the CPE lifecycle, from provisioning to intelligent insights.

TR-069 Device Management

TR-069 Device Management

Installed by hundreds of carriers and CSPs worldwide, Friendly’s TR-069 platform is a unified, scalable, and robust device management solution enabling carriers and CSPs to automate the deployment and support of Data, VoIP, IPTV, and FTTH.

Wi-Fi Experience Optimization

Wi-Fi Experience

Friendly’s Wi-Fi Management and Optimization toolset is a comprehensive and advanced set of tools. It enables the diagnostics, prevention, and resolution of Wi-Fi problems, plus support for standard Wi-Fi devices and QoE monitoring.

QoE Analytics

QoE & Analytics

Friendly Technologies’ QoE Monitoring measures quality of service at the subscriber endpoint. Service providers can proactively identify problems before they are felt by the customer, reducing service calls and churn and increasing satisfaction.

TR-369 / USP

User Services Platform

USP / TR-369 is a standard that has evolved from TR-069 (CWMP). The new standard is a more flexible, secure, and streamlined way to manage both existing use cases of TR-069 and new connected services focused around IoT and Smart Home, at scale.

Technical Support Center

Technical Support Center

Reduce your operational costs and modernize the standard customer support and technical support workflows. With our world-class support automation system, we provide your CSR team with a set of tools to increase its efficiency.

Self Support & App

Self-Support Portal & Mobile App

Empower your customers with a user-friendly mobile application. With Friendly’s Self-Support Portal and Mobile App, designed with the end-user in mind, your customers can now enjoy the conveniences of self-support at their fingertips.

Speed and Latency Testing

Speed & Latency Testing

The tool is designed for US broadband carriers and Wireless Internet Service Providers who are recipients of CAP high-cost universal service support and is also compatible with most international regulatory requirements.

BI Report Generator

BI Report Generator

Friendly’s Business Intelligence (BI) Report Generator integrates with some of the most popular third-party solutions and enables the quick and easy generation of fully-featured reports relating to the status of managed devices, their activities, and other important KPIs.

Provisioning Portal

Provisioning Portal

Friendly’s Provisioning Portal automates the provisioning of Data, VoIP, and IPTV services, dramatically reducing the cost per subscriber by avoiding the need for truck-roll and complicated enrollment processes and simultaneously ensuring a smoother user experience.

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