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Friendly LwM2M Server

Deploy, configure, and manage IoT devices with Friendly’s LwM2M server.

LwM2M is the industry-standard protocol for IoT device lifecycle management, service enablement, and information reporting. This application layer protocol helps IoT devices and LwM2M servers to exchange important application and device data related to connectivity, performance, and sensor activity.

Friendly’s LwM2M server provides the IoT ecosystem for device lifecycle management, service enablement, and information reporting for both resource-constrained and resource-rich devices for NB-IoT, CAT-M1/ LTE-M, and even high-speed networks. Supports the latest OMA LwM2M specifications and provides a complete set of tools aimed at service providers, application enablers, and device manufacturers for testing, integration, deployment, and service enablement.

Who can utilize the LwM2M Server?

  • IoT service providers
  • Device manufacturers
  • IoT vendors
  • Telecom companies
  • Developers
  • Other enterprise users

Features of Friendly’s LwM2M Server

  • Full device lifecycle management – Bootstrap, Registration, Service enablement & Information reporting.
  • Supports different IoT cellular technologies, such as NB-IoT, LTE CAT-M1, and EC-GSM-IoT
  • Data collection distribution & management
  • Supports various transport layers such as TCP, UDP, CIoT & SMS binding
  • Compatible with IP and Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) using SCEF T8 Adapters
  • A unique Multi-Node/ Service distributed LwM2M architecture for UDP devices
  • Northbound WebSockets for 3rd party application integration
  • Provisioning APIs for complete device lifecycle and onboarding
  • Security mechanism based on transport (TLS/DTLS) and Application layer security (OSCORE)
  • Remote provisioning, registration, and management of LwM2m Client devices
  • Location tracking, sensor monitoring, and data retrieval from devices
  • Reset and reboot devices remotely

Data protection and access management are ensured thanks to superior multi-tenancy management. LwM2M provides unique features such as plug-and-play functionalities, zero-touch provisioning, mobile network optimization, and out-of-the-box features such as CRUD operations. These are crucial for service providers to ensure seamless service delivery.

Effective Communication with LwM2M Client devices

LwM2M Bootstrap Server makes provisioning, access control, configuration, and registrations easy.

  • Discover and register LwM2M devices, in addition to supporting capability reporting
  • Superior device management with access to LwM2M client’s OIR
  • Information reporting is seamless. LwM2M Client can periodically report events to the LwM2M Server

Friendly LwM2M Server – The Advantage for CSPs

Friendly’s LwM2M server is a powerful IoT device management solution that allows service providers to effectively register and manage low-profile and constrained Class 0 and Class 1 devices. It allows vendors and service providers to effortlessly engage in bootstrapping, registering, and managing IoT products and services. Most importantly, it provides valuable information via constant monitoring and allows for secure multi-tenancy management.

Friendly’s LwM2M Server is a straightforward solution for service providers and vendors.

Benefits for IoT service providers and vendors

  • LwM2M supports 5G and thus makes the server future-proof. It complies with both LTE-M and NB-IoT standards for both constrained devices and networks.
  • Support for multi-tenancy management and focus on security and data protection
  • Synchronizes the IoT ecosystem by enabling perfect device management and service enablement
  • Significantly reduce the time to deploy and enable services
  • Significantly reduce the burden on contact centers
  • Additional software development is usually not necessary

Benefits for subscribers

  • A superior device performance experience
  • Quickly access IoT services and products
  • Reduces the need for communicating with IoT service providers thanks to automation
  • Low power consumption and superior device performance
  • Reduced power consumption as LwM2M Server supports low footprint devices

An advanced LwM2M server that addresses service provider requirements

Friendly’s LwM2M Server is an advanced platform that allows for efficient device lifecycle management, automated information reporting, and quick service enablement. It also supports the quick discovery of remote devices and easy management for a smooth end-user experience.

Friendly’s LwM2M Server is an excellent solution for managing IoT devices. Telcos, enterprises, and developers can benefit from its easy-to-use interface and advanced security features. It can also be customized to suit certain niche service providers who may need specific functionalities.

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