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Next-Gen Wi-Fi with Latest Friendly Unified Device Management Enhancements

 New York – March 27, 2024Friendly Technologies, a global leader in IoT and telecom device management solutions, announces the release of its latest update for the Friendly Unified Device Management platform, introducing groundbreaking features and improvements with a special focus on Wi-Fi management and optimization. This update reinforces Friendly Technologies’ commitment to providing carrier-class, scalable, and secure solutions, catering to the ever-growing demands of the digital home and IoT ecosystem.

New Wi-Fi Management Features for Enhanced Connectivity

The latest versions of the Friendly Unified Device Management platform – built to support TR-069 & TR-369 enabled devices – introduce significant enhancements to Wi-Fi management capabilities:

  • Support for 6 GHz Band: Addressing the expanding needs for broader bandwidth and less congested frequencies, the platform now supports the 6 GHz frequency band. This addition enables service providers to offer enhanced Wi-Fi experiences, accommodating the increasing number of Wi-Fi devices in homes and businesses.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Optimization: With the high-traffic digital world in mind, Friendly Technologies has advanced its Wi-Fi optimization features. These enhancements cater to improving user experiences by ensuring seamless connectivity across multiple devices, thereby elevating the quality of service and reducing churn.

In addition to Wi-Fi-specific upgrades, the new platform versions encompass a broad array of improvements across the board, aiming to streamline device management and bolster security measures. 

“Enhancing our Wi-Fi management capabilities within the Friendly Unified Device Management platform underscores our dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers,” said Ariela Ross-Jayyousi, Head of Marketing at Friendly Technologies. “We continuously strive to deliver solutions that not only address the current challenges faced by service providers but also anticipate future demands, ensuring our customers stay ahead in a competitive market.”

About Friendly Technologies

Friendly Technologies is a leading provider of device management solutions for IoT, smart home, and broadband services. Since 2007, the company has been at the forefront of developing carrier-class platforms that are robust, secure, and easy to implement. Recognized globally for its innovative solutions, Friendly Technologies is committed to helping service providers enhance their service offerings, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction.