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CPE Requirements for TR-069 Interoperability



To achieve the maximum benefits from the TR-069 standard capabilities, it is recommended to have all CPEs certified by Broadband Forum for TR-069 interoperability, and later on to be verified locally by the carrier/xSP.

Full data model of the CPE should be exposed to the TR-069 Client

The CPE must expose to the TR-069 client all the required information about the CPE as requested by TR-069 and according to carrier / xSP needs. The ideal situation is to have a full support of the entire settings of the CPE (including counters).

Full support of the TR-069 specs

(including relevant add-ons)Full support of TR-69 and additional TR-XX data models (please specify relevant TR-XX requirements), including the latest amendments (to avoid as possible using X_vendor parameters). A list of the relevant TR-069 family specs is provided by the Broadband Forum. It is highly recommended that the CPEs will have support at least for the mainly relevant specs:

  • TR-069 Amendment 1,2,3,4 – CPE WAN Management Protocol
  • TR-098 – Internet Gateway Device Data Model for TR-069
  • TR-104 –Provisioning Parameters for VoIP CPE
  • TR-106– Data Model TR-069 Enabled Devices –
  • TR-111 – see below
  • TR-135 – Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled STB
  • TR-140 Issue 1.1 – TR-069 Data Model for Storage Service Enabled Devices
  • TR-142 – Framework for TR-069 enabled PON devices
  • TR-143 – ISP Initiated Throughput Performance Test (Speed Test)
  • TR-156 – Using GPON Access
  • TR-157 – Component Objects for CWMP
  • Annex G and Annex K replacing TR-111 in NAT and Lan device management
  • Full support of the TR-069 specs (including relevant add-ons)

Parameter Value Set/Get

CPE is required to support functionality of Set and Get commands, issued by the ACS. CPE should respond according to TR-069 (and its subsets) protocol rules (e.g. Get parameters, get attributes etc.).

*ALL parameters must be checked one by one.

Connection request issued by the ACS

CPE is required to support ACS-initiated connection (e.g. kick device method) and sending of a correct subsequent inform.

Authentication for Connection request issued by the ACS

CPE is required to support connection requests with username and password (recommended: basic, digest).


CPE periodically informs ACS

CPE is required to support sending and informing within periodic time intervals.

CPE RPC methods

All “Required” RPC must be supported. Support of optional RPCs is an advantage.


CPE is required to support file download RPC (e.g. firmware and configuration files) initiated by the ACS server.