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Viaccess-Orca to Deploy Friendly’s QoE Monitoring Pro Solution for Monitoring IPTV QoE at Telekom Romania

BUCHAREST, SEPTEMBER 14 2014 – Viaccess-Orca, a leading provider of content protection and advanced TV platforms, proudly announces that Telekom Romania, a prominent telecommunications operator and part of Deutsche Telekom, has chosen Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage-TV Everywhere solution for its upcoming IPTV and OTT multiscreen service, “Telekom TV.” This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the entertainment experience for Telekom Romania subscribers by delivering seamless access to captivating content across multiple devices.

Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage-TV Everywhere solution was carefully selected by Telekom Romania to power its cutting-edge IPTV and OTT multiscreen service. This comprehensive solution enables Telekom Romania to offer its subscribers an immersive and personalized entertainment experience while ensuring seamless content delivery across a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and more.

To ensure the highest quality of IPTV services from the subscriber endpoint, Telekom Romania has also deployed FriendlyQoE Monitoring Pro, supplied by Friendly Technologies. This state-of-the-art solution provided by Friendly Technologies enables efficient and reliable management of IPTV service quality, guaranteeing an optimal viewing experience for Telekom Romania’s subscribers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Telekom Romania in delivering their new IPTV and OTT multiscreen service, ‘Telekom TV,’ leveraging our Voyage-TV Everywhere solution,” said [Spokesperson], [Title] at Viaccess-Orca. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering operators with innovative solutions that enhance user engagement and drive revenue growth. By incorporating FriendlyQoE Monitoring Pro into the service, Telekom Romania demonstrates its dedication to ensuring the highest quality of experience for its subscribers.”

Telekom Romania’s “Telekom TV” service, powered by Viaccess-Orca’s Voyage-TV Everywhere solution and enhanced by Friendly Technologies’ FriendlyQoE Monitoring Pro, is set to transform the way subscribers consume entertainment content. With an extensive library of captivating content, personalized recommendations, and seamless multiscreen capabilities, Telekom Romania aims to provide an unparalleled entertainment experience that meets the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

About Viaccess-Orca:
Viaccess-Orca is a leading global provider of content protection and advanced TV platforms. With over 20 years of industry leadership, Viaccess-Orca helps content owners, broadcasters, and operators deliver engaging and personalized TV experiences to a wide range of audiences. The company’s solutions encompass content security, digital rights management (DRM), analytics, and immersive TV experiences.

About Friendly Technologies:
Friendly Technologies is a global provider of remote device management and IoT solutions. With a focus on IoT device management, Friendly Technologies offers carriers, CSPs, and service providers a comprehensive platform to efficiently manage and optimize connected devices. Friendly Technologies’ solutions enable improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experience.


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