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When the Off-the-Shelf Smart Home Automation Solutions Are Not Enough

Why choose a device management platform for the introduction of smart home automation services?

A quick search will show that companies looking to launch a Smart Home service to the subscribers have an unlimited range of Smart Home platform vendors, from prominent Cloud providers, such as Google, and Amazon, to application providers like Wink. The solutions are very different in terms of the features they support. In this post, we will briefly go over the differences between Friendly’s Smart Home Management platform and the common Smart Home clouds or applications.

What is the Friendly Smart Home Management Platform?

Friendly Smart Home Management Platform is a full solution for the management and monitoring of millions of households. It enables service providers to introduce their own Smart Home Service to subscribers, offering various Smart Home service packages. Friendly’s Smart Home platform offers an existing integration with a variety of Smart Home hardware manufacturers with a wide range of devices from Smart Gateways to motion detectors and light bulbs.

Carrier-grade solutions vs. Off-the-Shelf Smart Home Systems

Friendly Technologies’ solutions evolve from the Telco market. They are designed based on the carrier-grade principles that are crucial for the telecom providers such as high availability, device-agnosticism, multi-tenancy, robustness, security, and communication standards unification. The Friendly Smart Home management platform is especially popular with CSPs. However, the features that make Friendly’s solution carrier-grade are crucial for Smart Home service providers outside of the Telco market.

Friendly’s Smart Home platform offers a set of tools for the management and troubleshooting of Smart gateways and sensors, the feature that is not provided by the cloud platform providers.


Smart Home providers often require a multi-tenancy environment for Smart Home services, where one platform serves multiple tenants. This feature is vital in several use cases, e.g., when a Smart Home provider would like to offer various support packages to different market segments, support its subsidiaries, or resell Smart Home services. This feature is supported by Smart Home platform vendors who come from the telecommunications market, like Friendly Technologies and are not fully available with the Smart Home cloud providers.

Home Wi-Fi Network Optimization

Another issue that Smart Home cloud providers can not tackle is Wi-Fi quality. Most of the native devices provided by the big clouds are connected via Wi-Fi, which creates a lot of congestion in the home Wi-Fi or Mesh networks. Friendly’s Smart Home Platform has built-in tools for Wi-Fi experience optimization.

Friendly’s solution supports most available types of hubs and thus offers a device-agnostic approach for management of:

  • Smart Home gateways
  • Light control
  • Appliances control
  • Home security
  • Home comfort
  • Health service
  • Energy Control
  • Cameras
  • Integration with any 3rd party devices (via cloud integration)

Here are the additional benefits of the Friendly Smart Home platform for the Smart Home service providers:

  • End-to-end Smart Home Platform integrated with service provider’s back office
  • Integration with any Smart Home gateway and sensor
  • Dedicated server or cloud-based solution
  • Smart Home client for Home Gateways
  • Diagnostics and remote problem resolution tools – for Call Center representatives
  • Big data – data collection and BI
  • Extensive API to external solutions

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