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The Future of the Connected Home: The Rise of Home Applications

Check out the latest report on USP Evolution & opportunities for ISPs to take advantage of service orchestration and home applications. Scroll down to download the report.

RAMAT GAN – October 25, 2023 – Friendly Technologies has co-sponsored this report, brought to you by the Broadband Forum and Omdia.

Broadband networks are evolving rapidly. Gone are the days when they just provided fast internet access. Now, they’re the backbone for a complex web of device management and cutting-edge home applications. This isn’t merely a technological change; it’s a massive shift that’s set to change how we connect at home.

In the past, service providers bragged about speed. But times are changing. While speed is still essential, there’s a growing demand for something more: a top-notch Quality of Experience (QoE). This means a blend of fast speeds, reliable connections, and smooth interactions with home devices and apps.

Our latest whitepaper dives into this topic. It offers insights into a world where smart Wi-Fi management and well-organized home applications are crucial for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Here’s where USP Evolution comes into play.

Every modern device, whether it’s a smart fridge or a security camera, plays an active role in our homes. These devices aren’t just sitting there; they’re part of a bigger system. This is why managing them efficiently is so crucial. Through effective management, devices can better serve our daily needs. It’s all thanks to USP Evolution that we can imagine homes that are not just connected but also smart and responsive.

At the heart of our discussion is the Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (USP). This isn’t just a tech standard; it’s a forward-thinking blueprint. Through the lens of USP Evolution, it envisions a world where various devices easily connect to home Wi-Fi networks. But the USP goes beyond just connection. It gives ISPs a new level of control, letting them manage devices more effectively and offer innovative services. This could lead to exciting opportunities and new income sources for ISPs.

To give you a full picture, our whitepaper draws from a wealth of data. We’ve got feedback from 111 service providers across 18 countries, deep conversations with industry experts, and a detailed look at current trends. All of this provides a clear view of what’s coming in the world of connected homes. This isn’t just about the next big gadget. It’s a comprehensive guide to succeeding in this evolving space.

USP Evolution suggests that the relationship between ISPs and homes is changing. ISPs aren’t just providers anymore; they’re partners, helping create unique home experiences. As homes get smarter, everything working behind the scenes becomes even more crucial. To make the most of this, understanding and tapping into the power of USP Evolution is a game-changer.

In conclusion, our whitepaper isn’t just a bunch of facts and figures. It’s a roadmap. It guides ISPs, device makers, app developers, and everyday users through the ins and outs of modern connected homes. The future is about interconnected spaces, and understanding USP Evolution is a big step in the right direction.

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