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Nepal Telecom Adopts Friendly Technology’s TR-069

Nepal Telecom will now have Friendly’s TR-069 Device Management Suite to effectively manage their broadband Internet access services. This would ensure a better Quality of Experience for their nation-wide customer base. Airspan, the leading provider for 4G wireless broadband products globally, has been instrumental in making this decision. Friendly Technology continues its dominance as the leading provider for internet broadband solutions with their award-winning product, TR-069 and the current tie with Nepal Telecom would now establish their strong foothold in the Asian market.

In a recent press conference Efi Paz, Vice President, Business Development of Friendly Technologies proudly announced their association with Nepal Telecom, which is the country’s largest telecommunications company. Friendly’s continual efforts to provide better services to their patrons and the customer-oriented approach of their products can be recognized as the main factors for their expansion in geographically diverse locations like Nepal, having the highest mountain tops to Dead sea, Israel, the lowest point on the earth.

Globally, carriers and xSPs have been switching to Friendly’s solutions to minimize the cost of deployment and operations. Friendly Technologies, since its inception in 1997, has been dedicated to improving QoE for its subscribers with simple and effective solutions for data, IPTV, VoIP, and 4G-based services. People prefer their services which are developed on TR-069 and OMA-DM standards as they drastically reduce the cost for providing support services and present better value for money for their customers throughout the complete lifecycle of the service.

Six million users of Nepal Telecom will now enjoy better services on WiMAX deployment with Friendly’s range of products. Costs of deployment, day-to-day support, and management would come down and Nepal Telecom hopes to enhance the customer experience with a long-term boost in their Return on Investment.

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Friendly Technologies provides optimized device management and customer experience solutions for fixed and mobile operators. Our Friendly solutions streamline and simplify the entire broadband service life cycle, enabling operators to gain higher customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.