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Friendly Technologies Launches LWM2M Embedded Client

The IoT World 2016 event held in early May in Santa Clara is a perfect indicator of the importance IoT in shaping the future of connectivity. Dubbed “The world’s largest and most comprehensive Internet of Things event,” now in its third year of production, Internet of Things World has shown tremendous growth, mirroring that of the IoT industry as a whole. All of the big players from Intel and Microsoft to Hitachi and Schneider Electric were there presenting and prospecting. Countless other smaller but important companies making devices, solutions, applications, integration, and platforms were there too, along with numerous start-up companies, all trying to get a piece of the action. All presenters, visitors, and delegates were focused on helping make the transition from a world of standalone products to a world of interconnectivity and cooperation.

Within this vibrant atmosphere, Friendly Technologies’ booth was busier than ever. It was situated centrally, right beside the main stage and across from the Microsoft booth, but the appeal didn’t stem from the location. The Friendly booth was busy and popular because of the perfect fit of Friendly’s technology to IoT evolution. Friendly is a veteran IoT company, specializing in IoT long before it was named that. Its background and maturity in TR-069 Device Management along with its vision and offering in Smart Home and IoT platforms seemed like the right thing at the right time to a lot of potential partners visiting the booth. The show floor made it clear that IoT is a new and emerging field with many players and many competing standards – most of which are still in the early stages of development. In light of this and with the market demand already in place, everybody seemed interested in Friendly’s mature standard-based technology combined with solid experience in device management.

What was even more appealing to some visitors was Friendly’s proven ability to manage millions of devices on a single platform – enabling large-scale deployment for applications such as Smart Cities. Better yet for Friendly was the importance this year laid on being able to offer IoT as a service. The IoT and Smart Home platforms combined with the proven large-scaled deployment capability were unique and stood above many other solutions as ready for offering a true IoTaaS experience.

The success of this year’s show prompted Friendly Technologies to take an even bigger role in next year’s show, with a lucrative central location and a Sponsor status.

Looking forward to seeing you next year!