Friendly One-IoT™ Partnership Program

In this webinar, we cover the benefits of this free partner program and describe the easy steps of how you can join the program, connect and test the interoperability of your devices with Friendly’s One-IoT™ Device Management platform. Join our IoT Partner Program here.

Connect and test your devices

Designed for IoT hardware and software solution providers, the program enables Friendly’s partners to connect and test their devices on the One-IoT™ device management platform, for interoperability purposes.

Generate new use cases

The Friendly One-IoT™ partnership program allows vendors to generate new use cases and present them to their customers and also connect with Friendly’s customers and vendors around the globe

Accelerate your business growth

Leverage your solutions’ interoperability with the One-IoT™ device management platform to identify new opportunities with Friendly’s customer network to grow your business

Standardize and automate IoT sales processes

A significant advantage of the One-IoT™ Partnership Program is its standardization and automation of IoT sales processes, which help Friendly’s IoT customers ensure the time and cost-efficiency of IoT project deployments.