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Friendly TR-069 Device Management

Streamline the entire lifecycle of broadband and FTTH services.


TR-069 Device Management

Installed by hundreds of carriers and CSPs worldwide, Friendly’s TR-069 enabled Unified Device Management Platform is a fully integrated, scalable, and robust device management solution that enables carriers to automate the deployment and support of Data, VoIP, IPTV, and FTTH.

The solution provisions and manages gateways, routers, IPTV, STBs, IP Phones, femtocells, mobile hotspots, dongles, storage devices, ONTs, and other device types. Friendly’s Unified Device Management Platform for TR-069 (and its evolutions) is the easiest to deploy, integrate, and use.

Unified Device Management Architecture for TR-069 and TR-369

Friendly’s Device Management Platform Supports

  • Any device on any network, automatically
  • File-based device management (eg: IP Phone management)
  • Devices behind NAT (via STUN or XMPP)
  • Residential and enterprise provisioning scenarios
  • Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy deployments
  • IPv4 and IPv6





Main Features

Device-Agnostic Solution

Friendly’s TR-069 solution supports all types of devices over TR-069, TR-369 USP, SNMP, and other protocols. With the Friendly Unified Device Management Platform, all devices can be managed on one platform.

Dramatic Cost Reduction

With over 200 customers and more than 20 years of experience, Friendly Technologies Unified Device Management Platform consistently helps to reduce churn and costs. The automated first-time installation and zero-touch provisioning directly decrease the need for truck rolls and minimize the number of incoming calls to the support center.

Friendly’s platform shortens the average call handling time up to 60% with remote troubleshooting capabilities for service provider support representatives (CSRs). It also features a set of automated tools for issue detection and response, a self-support portal/mobile app for the customer, provides Wi-Fi management and resolution tools for the end-user and service provider alike.

Full Support of the TR-069 & TR-369 Standards

Friendly’s ACS solution provides full support of the TR-069/USP protocols, including all subsequent technical reports. The solution supports the “Must,” “Recommended,” and “Optional” features of TR-069, as laid out by the Broadband Forum. Additional support for technical report updates is included as they are released by the Broadband Forum.

Scalable Architecture

The Friendly Unified Device Management Platform scales horizontally to provide an unlimited number of connected devices. It supports both local and geo-redundancy deployment of the platform, as well as cloud and on-prem auto-scaling (including partner integrations, such as Azure VMSS – Virtual Machine Scale Set).

Friendly’s TR-069/USP ACS scalability allows the support of a virtually unlimited number of CPE devices. It utilizes load-balancing, clustering, and failure recovery techniques to provide massive scalability, improved reliability, and availability in support of a growing customer base.

The Benefits of Device Management

  • Friendly’s TR-069/TR-369 is the most widely installed device management platform in the world
  • Friendly Technologies is a product company the maximizes automation and ease of use and minimizes the need for professional services
  • Built to grow – in scale, scope, or functionality
  • Modular solution – select the best solution for you
  • Friendly champions an open standard approach, enabling freedom of hardware vendor choice
  • A future-ready solution (IoT) – add new services whenever you are ready, without a need to change your existing device management solution
  • Friendly is attentive to customer needs. We are agile, dynamic, and responsive. Friendly tackles in weeks the projects that take other companies months to complete.

TR-069 / TR-369 Portals and Modules

  • ACS Management Portal – Multi-protocol ACS portal that enables remote management of CPEs. The system administrator can easily onboard new CPEs and data models without the need for extensive professional services or technical knowledge of the CWMP/USP.
  • Provisioning Portal – Friendly’s Provisioning Portal automates the provisioning of new subscribers, offers a single unified interface for the onboarding of all device types, and serves as a front-end to all the back-office systems involved in the provisioning process
  • Technician Portal – Friendly’s Call Center Portal allows service representatives to remotely manage and control a specific CPE during a support call. Using the Call Center Portal, the CSR can remotely diagnose and resolve problems through intuitive screens and automated processes.
  • Self-Support Portal – Friendly’s Self-Support portal reduces the number of calls to the support center. Increases customer satisfaction by allowing non-technical subscribers to independently diagnose and repair problems related to Wi-Fi, Data, Voice, and IPTV services.
  • Wi-Fi Optimization – Friendly’s Wi-Fi optimization is a comprehensive and advanced set of tools for optimization of the Wi-Fi experience. The toolset includes Friendly Connect, a subscriber app, features from Friendly’s Call Center Portal, and Wi-Fi Mesh functionality
  • Speed & Latency Testing Tool – The entire range of testing and reporting, in full compliance with FCC DA 18-710 requirements. The tool is designed for US broadband carriers and Internet and Wireless Internet Service Providers who are recipients of CAP high-cost universal service support. Numerous CSPs around the globe deploy this solution to measure the quality of broadband networks
  • QoE Monitoring & Analytics – Friendly’s advanced QoE Monitoring & Analytics solution enables measurement of service quality, network performance, and traffic utilization on the subscriber end
  • Business Intelligence – Friendly integrates with the most popular BI report tools in the market to enable the quick and reliable generation of reports related to the status of managed devices, their events, and actionable insights.
  • NBI/APIs – Friendly’s Northbound interface API module provides extensive API for various service provider integration use cases, such as provisioning, subscriber management, end-user-related events, and much more.
  • TR-369 User Services Platform (USP) – Friendly’s TR-369 USP is an integrated solution for the implementation and management of connected devices. The solution leverages the TR-069 specification and enables carriers and CSPs to transform consumer broadband networks into flexible and secure IoT-enabled solutions

Unique Technology

  • Smart Layer™ – enables connection and management of any new device type for any service without a need of extra development or manual customization (i.e., no need for professional services, template creation, scriptwriting, etc.) The user interface is automatically adjusted according to the device’s data model
  • Friendly APR™ (Automatic Problem Resolution) – delivers the advanced capability for proactive diagnostics and resolution of CPE problems
  • Smart API™ – for the management of various protocols and multiple types of devices with high-level commands. No need to change your back-office integration when introducing new services or types of devices

Deployment Options

The Friendly TR-069 Device Management supports a variety of deployment options:

  • On-prem – separate systems with optional top management layer to aggregate reports
  • Cloud-based – separate instances with optional top management layer to aggregate reports
  • Cloud-based – one system with multiple tenants and unlimited hierarchies (see the illustration below)
  • Modular option – the ability to integrate with the existing solutions