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Upcoming Session to Cover IoT Management and Monetization for Carriers at UFBB

RAMAT GAN – August 29, 2022 – Dror Braunstein, Friendly Technologies’ Director of Sales, will speak about how carriers can tackle IoT Management and monetization challenges on Day 2 of the Ultrafast Broadband BASe Conference (UFBB) on September 8th, 2022 at The Hague, the Netherlands.

Friendly Technologies is a global IoT and Device Management Company and will participate in the latest Broadband Forum conference to dispel myths about IoT management challenges. Its Director of Sales will speak to carriers and enterprises about tackling hurdles they often face while trying to monetize.

Dror Braunstein has wide-ranging experience in addressing issues related to carrier-grade IoT management. He is also keenly aware of IoT management monetization, which interests both enterprises and mobile carriers. During the presentation, he will also reveal how Friendly’s IoT products and solutions provide end-to-end solutions for mobile operators and enterprises.

Speaking about Friendly’s participation at the event, Ariela Ross, Friendly Technologies’ Marketing Director said, “During his presentation, Mr. Braunstein will discuss how carriers can manage and monetize IoT services effectively. He will also share Friendly Technologies’ unique approach to providing a complete end-to-end solution for mobile operators and enterprises.”

Ms. Ross added, “We invite you to attend Mr. Braunstein’s talk and learn more about how Friendly Technologies is helping carriers overcome the challenges of IoT management and monetization challenges.”

The Broadband Forum‘s Ultrafast Broadband BASe Conference (UFBB) is a leading event that brings more than 1,000 delegates worldwide. The conference focuses on the latest developments in broadband access technologies and is an industry-leading event.

Friendly Technologies (est. 1997) is a leading provider of operator-class device management platforms for IoT, Smart Home, and TR-069/TR-369 USP.