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Open-Source LwM2M Client

Friendly Technologies’ carrier-grade open-source client for IoT vendors.

Friendly Technologies’ OMA-LwM2M client for IoT vendors is now a free open-source source (FOSS). The LwM2M Client is primarily for IoT device manufacturers to comply with industry standards for efficient mass IoT device deployments. Many telecommunication companies have implemented LwM2M as the preferred standard for IoT device management, and Friendly Technologies provides both ends with full-powered IoT device management.

Friendly’s LwM2M Client is:

  • Fully-featured
  • High-quality
  • Efficient
  • Requires a low footprint for RAM
  • Requires a low footprint for Flash
  • Requires a low footprint for CPU resources.

The open-source LwM2M client is Friendly Technologies’ contribution to the IoT developer community at large to further advance and support efficient IoT device deployments globally.

The intention is to promote telecommunication and IoT industry maturation worldwide by offering LwM2M resources back to the developer community.

This client allows for interoperability on any standards-based device management platform and can be modified to accommodate specific IoT devices or application needs.

Do you have the LwM2M client and are looking for additional support or project assistance? The Professional Services team at Friendly Technologies is here to assist with a solution to meet your specific needs.

In addition to the open-source LwM2M client, Friendly offers a commercial standards-based LwM2M server for testing or lab development purposes.

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