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Wi-Fi Mesh: How Does it Work?

What might disrupt or slow a Wi-Fi signal down?

Most smart homes use Mesh WiFi system built-in, due to its great convenience features and easy to manage access. But not all homes are quite there yet, and most routers, as good and effective as they might be, react to certain psychical elements such as distance, doors, walls, other devices working simultaneously (microwave, phones, etc.), other networks working nearby.

Watch it all mesh together

Imagine Mesh WiFi system as if it was a central air condition system; instead of regulating the temperature in each room separately, there’s one system that provides solid WiFi coverage all-around your home, and yard. Mesh WiFi is essentially one main router, connected to your modem, that transmits to a series of satellites placed around your home, so everything is now under one wireless network.

Key Features – Mesh WiFi systems

Unlike range extenders that reduce speed in half, Mesh WiFi systems provide end-to-end solid coverage all around, and the best part is the nodes can be placed anywhere to create a natural blend with any environment. Even if your home is already connected with internet wires, a Tri Band will enhance performance and reduce exterior intrusion.

Mesh WiFi systems are the way to an easier future – accompanied by an app for setup guidance and control and fully customizable.