The Benefits of IoT Device Management

Device Management has become an essential requirement for any IoT platform today. While standard IoT platforms available on the market, typically enable monitoring of IoT sensors and devices, data collection, and application functions, large-scale IoT deployments require a more advanced set of features. In this webinar, we explain why you need IoT device management and how it measurably improves IoT businesses on multiple levels.

IoT Device Management enables provisioning and authentication, configuration and control, monitoring and diagnostics, software updates and maintenance, connectivity enablement, advanced analytic capabilities, and enhanced security.

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Main benefits of IoT Device Management;
  • Interoperability testing for IoT devices;
  • Interconnects to IoT Application Enablement & IoT Cloud Platforms;
  • Intro to Friendly’s carrier-grade One-IoT™ Device Management solution.

Friendly’s One-IoT™ Device Management enables remote management of all types of IoT devices – both IoT devices with a complex data model and constrained devices – via standard protocols, such as LWM2M, OMA-DM, MQTT, CoAP/S, HTTP/S, TR-369 USP, TR-069, and other proprietary protocols.