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Friendly Technologies Launches New Automatic CPE Problem Resolution Tool for TR-069 Device Management

Ramat-Gan, Israel (November 28th, 2016) – Friendly Technologies, the IoT and device management company, announced today the launch of a new version of its TR-069 ACS that includes a new module for Automatic Problem Resolution, which provides additional capabilities designed to reduce the number of problems encountered by subscribers, cut call center costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Friendly’s new Automatic Problem Resolution module shortens the average duration of support calls by proactively identifying and resolving CPE problems – and automatically diagnosing issues that arise in the subscriber’s environment. Once a problem is identified, the Automatic Problem Resolution tool can fix it in the background so that, frequently, an issue can be resolved before the subscriber becomes aware of any degradation in quality. The system can also alert a Call Center Representative to a problem, and then suggest that the representative responds by clicking on a Fix-It button located on the application’s interface.

The module includes specific functionality designed to reduce call center costs by making call center operations more effective. For example, the tool’s Problem Resolution Wizard allows a representative to search a problem by name and displays a list of related issues and options for automatic resolution.

The tool also includes an On-Screen Editor that allows the creation and modification of problem resolution scenarios. Scenarios can be modified to meet representatives’ specific needs, and email or SMS notification or executable scripts can be included as part of a launched sequence.

“The Automatic Problem Resolution module resolves issues that come up in a wide variety of use cases – ultimately, making a significant difference to the experience of subscribers,” says Elan Migdal, the Founder, and CEO of Friendly Technologies. The new tool allows operators to adopt a more proactive approach to service that manifests itself in many different scenarios. For example, if a customer complains of a slow Internet connection, the module can perform automatic diagnostics to ascertain whether the customer is connected by WiFi and assess the signal strength – and if necessary, it can force a device to select the best WiFi channel. In a completely different situation, if a CPE reports that RSSI is poor on the LTE network, the new tool can verify whether other devices in the region are suffering from the same problem and sends a notification to the administrator.

The automatic upgrade to the new TR-069 ACS version will be provided to all of Friendly’s customers.

About Friendly Technologies

Friendly Technologies is a leading provider of carrier-class device management software for IoT/M2M, Smart Home, and Triple Play services. With its best-of-breed approach, Friendly enables service providers to avoid device dependency and manage multiple types of devices on a single platform. Friendly provides support for standard protocols including TR-069, OMA-DM, LWM2M, MQTT, and SNMP, in addition to non-standard protocols.

Friendly’s solutions allow service providers and their customers to control, monitor and manage all device types including routers, STBs, RGs, mobile hotspots, Smart Home hubs, sensors and appliances, smartphones, dongles, IP phones, M2M devices, smart power, and water metering devices, health care devices, and more.

Friendly’s platform enables customers to automatically connect and provision new devices, monitor QoE, configure and update firmware remotely, and streamline their support services, while its server and cloud-based solutions offer data insights to service providers.