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Romania Telecom Extended Friendly’s TR-069 Support License to Manage Over One Million CPEs

Romania Telecom (RTC) extends Friendly’s TR-069 support licenses and deploys Friendly Call Center application

Romania Telecom (RTC) extended its system to support over one million CPEs. Additionally, RTC deployed Friendly Call Center application, which is part of Friendly’s TR-069 full solution. It is targeted to customer support reps (CSRs) for managing a specific CPE during a call from a user. The software enables the CSR to diagnose and solve problems remotely on the user’s CPEs. The solution supports modem/routers, IPTV/STBs, ATA/VoIP, storage devices, media centers, etc.

About Romania Telecom:

Romania Telecom (RTC) is a company that provisions high-quality communication, entertainment, and IT solutions. Romania Telecom offers reliable, innovative, and easy-to-use services, from the traditional fixed telephony to high-quality Internet, digital TV, to the most secure hosting data center in Romania, voice, and data bundled services, and a permanently supervised and improved Customer Care program.