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Embedded clients

Carrier-grade embedded clients for IoT.

Launch new Smart Home and IoT services, leveraging your own TR-069 platform

TR-369 User Services Platform (USP) is a standard defined by the Broadband Forum, evolving from the TR-069 (CWMP). The new standard is a more flexible, secure, and standardized way to manage both existing use cases of TR-069 and new connected services such as IoT and Smart Home, at scale.

TR-369 USP is a natural evolution of the TR-069 standard that enables carriers and CSPs with existing an TR-069 solution to seamlessly migrate to TR-369 USP without a need for new integrations.

The Friendly TR 369 USP Solution

Friendly’s TR 369 USP is an integrated solution for the implementation and management of connected devices. The solution leverages the TR-069 protocol specification and enables carriers and CSPs to transform consumer broadband networks into flexible and secure IoT-enabled solutions.