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Friendly Technologies Announces the Launch of the Open One-IoT™ Partnership Program

RAMAT GAN, Israel, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Friendly Technologies, the IoT and Device Management company, announced today the launch of its free One-IoT™ Partnership Program. Designed for IoT hardware and software solution providers, the program enables Friendly’s partners to connect and test their devices on the One-IoT™ device management platform, for interoperability purposes. It also allows vendors to generate new use cases and present them to their customers and connect with Friendly’s customers and vendors around the globe – helping them identify new opportunities to grow their businesses.

A significant advantage of the One-IoT™ Partnership Program is its standardization and automation of IoT sales processes, which help Friendly’s IoT customers ensure the time and cost-efficiency of IoT project deployments.

“At Friendly Technologies, we aim to serve the increasing needs of our customers – mobile network operators and IoT service providers. IoT technology is rapidly evolving, and we recognize the potential of forming a partnership network that consists of best-of-breed vendors for IoT hardware and software. With this new program, Friendly Technologies is helping partners deliver highly integrated and feature-rich IoT solutions and is driving innovation in the IoT marketplace,” said Sean van der Walt, IoT Technology Lead at Friendly Technologies.

To join Friendly’s One-IoT™ Partnership Program, visit https://friendly-tech.com/become-partner.

Update: Friendly Technologies has introduced the new program in a webinar that took place on February 12, 2020. You can watch the webinar on YouTube.