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The Friendly One-IoT™ Device Management platform from Friendly Technologies offers IoT enterprises and system integrators an efficient solution for managing multiple types of IoT devices. The platform supports both complex data model and constrained devices via open-standard protocols like LwM2M, MQTT, MQTT-SN, AMQP, CoAP, TR-369 USP, and proprietary protocols, ensuring robust administration.

Friendly One-IoT™ is the ideal platform for mass deployment and management of all types of devices. Its unified IoT device management capabilities make it a perfect fit for projects in the water and gas utilities markets, as well as tracking and logistics. The platform allows easy connection and streamlining of device or sensor data, regardless of whether the deployment is on-prem, via cloud, or through SaaS deployment. With Friendly One-IoT™ Device Management, enterprises and system integrators can ensure their IoT devices are effectively managed, enhancing the efficiency of their operations.​

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