What is TR-369/USP?

The TR-369 User Service Platform (USP) is a flexible and secure standard that supports both TR-069 and newer connected services such as smart home products and IoT-enabled solutions. It has evolved from TR-069 (CWMP) and is a protocol established by the Broadband Forum.

Carriers and CSPs can easily migrate from existing TR-069 solutions to TR-369 USP. While not always necessary, integrating third-party solutions and adding new services for customers is very easy.

In short, the TR-369 USP protocol is an advanced standard that helps bring order to managing connected devices. It is particularly impressive when it comes to connected devices’ lifecycle management and assists in upgrading devices with regular security and software updates.

New devices can be launched quickly and their operations can be managed and monitored remotely. In other words, IoT device management becomes a lot easier and streamlined.

The highlight of TR-369/USP is its ability to make things smoother and more intuitive for service providers and telcos while they manage and operate their products and solutions.