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Friendly Leverages Expertise with TR-069 in Multi-Tenant, Multi-Hierarchy Approach for File-Based IP Phone Management

Friendly Technologies has incorporated a multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy approach into its device management solution, with additional support for file-based IP Phones.

Multi-tenant configuration enables the management of several separate entities on one platform, while each entity maintains the ability to view and manage only the devices that belong to it. The Admin console within this solution can manage the devices that belong to it, depending on its credentials.

Multi-hierarchy device management configuration enables management of more than one hierarchy level. This approach enables carriers to support subscribers’ devices in multiple geographical areas or daughter-companies on one management platform while offering separate call centers for customer support in each area. Thus, corporations can manage their devices at multiple locations, divisions, or buildings.

File Based IP-phone management from within the TR-069 platform allows seamless management of all the corporations’ IP-Phones on one platform – both advanced phones that support active device management and simpler phones that only support file-based (HTTP/HTTPS) management.

The main benefit of Friendly’s TR-069 Multi-Tenant & Multi-Hierarchy solution is that many entities can be managed on one platform, without the need to allocate a separate server for each entity and the ability to have central corporate-wide rules and regulations while maintaining independent sub-entities. This solution saves operational support and server maintenance costs.

The combined multi-tenant, multi-hierarchy, and file-based solution is currently being deployed by one of India’s largest carriers as an upgrade to its current Friendly-Technologies provided TR-069 Device management platform.

Deployment options for Friendly’s Multi-Tenant & Multi-Hierarchy solution are:

  • On-premises installation (Friendly TR-069 Device Management)
  • Cloud-based installation (one multi-tenant system, with an unlimited number of hierarchies)

Friendly’s Multi-Tenant and Multi Hierarchy Solution enables the management of numerous entities and types of devices over protocols such as TR-069, LwM2M, SNMP, OMA-DM, MQTT, as well as file-based (HTTP/HTTPS) devices.

About Friendly Technologies

Friendly Technologies is a leading provider of carrier-class platforms for IoT, Smart Home, and TR-069 device management. Friendly has been providing TR-069 device management solutions to carriers and service providers since 2007. When IoT and the Smart Home first emerged, Friendly leveraged its experience and extended its offering to the IoT and Smart Home markets. Today, Friendly provides a unified IoT platform for the management of LWM2M, MQTT, OMA-DM, and TR-069 devices – and a full solution for the Smart Home.

Friendly’s platforms enable its customers to generate new revenue streams in the Smart Home and IoT markets, such as Utilities, Transportation, Smart cities, and more.

Friendly’s traditional TR-069 ACS for carriers and xSPs improves the customer experience, reduces costs, provisions new devices, monitors QoE, and configures and updates firmware remotely while offering data insights to service providers.

Friendly Technologies, whose device management and IoT solutions are installed by over two hundred service providers and IoT companies worldwide, has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a Global Leader in Unified Device and Smart Home Management.