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Friendly Technologies Unveils Innovative TR-069 Call Center Solution

The new Friendly Support Center solution is designed to efficiently troubleshoot and fix broadband services, reducing support center costs and increasing subscriber satisfaction.

Friendly Technologies today announced a new offering, the Friendly Support Center solution, which enables customer support representatives (CSRs) to shorten the time involved in handling calls and improve subscribers’ Quality of Service.

With an intuitive interface designed specifically for the working environment of support center operators, the Friendly Support Center allows support representatives to quickly obtain a comprehensive view of customers’ broadband connectivity and service status, helping them effectively troubleshoot Data, VoIP and IPTV services.

The Friendly Support Center is a unique value proposition − a solution that was designed together with experienced support center personnel to best fit the service call process and shorten call time. It was developed after receiving extensive input from operators and takes into account the range in support center workflows, specifically with regard to answering support calls and troubleshooting.

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from customers for our new Friendly Support Center solution. We developed the product with a unique, easy to use, yet sophisticated approach that presents a unified management dashboard for all types of customers’ devices, regardless of vendor type, functionality and services supported,” stated Mr. Nir Ezer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Friendly Technologies. “The Friendly Support Center solution allows service providers to manage the deployment of broadband services efficiently, handle support calls effectively and improve Quality of Experience, thus achieving increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn.”

With the Friendly Support Center, customer support representatives receive a global view of subscriber information, device connectivity, service status and performance indicators. The solution supports integration with third party applications and management platforms, such as CRM systems and billing systems. By using the Friendly Support Center, service providers are able to significantly reduce support costs and troubleshoot broadband services more efficiently.

About Friendly Technologies

Friendly Technologies provides optimized device management and customer experience solutions for fixed and mobile operators. Our Friendly solutions streamline and simplify the entire broadband service life cycle, enabling operators to gain higher customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.