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Friendly Technologies Launches Software Management for WiFi Mesh

Friendly Technologies, a leading provider of carrier-class platforms for IoT, Smart Home, and TR-069 device management announced today the release of their software management solution for WiFi mesh. The solution enables carriers and CSPs to offer strong and reliable wireless connectivity for all connected devices in the end-users smart home.

Until today, ISPs have offered superb service until the router. Once the WiFi signal is weak, the service deteriorates. Traditionally, repeaters were installed to continue a strong signal, however, these were often unreliable and required many hours of labor to install, set up, and service.

With WiFi mesh, the main router connects directly to the modem, with small reception modules (or nodes), placed around the consumer’s house for full WiFi coverage. Unlike traditional WiFi routers, these nodes are all part of a single wireless network and share the same SSID and password.WiFi Mesh enables the management of multiple boxes at home for a single customer while maintaining the quality of service.

Friendly’s WiFi mesh solution offers quality monitoring, diagnostics, and problem resolutions. This joins Friendly tech’s standard solution line of products, including the most comprehensive solution for all WiFi issues in the connected home.

The Friendly solution incorporates automated installation and configuration, a topological map of the WiFi Mesh devices installed at home, problem diagnostics and repair, call center tools, and self-healing tools.

“Friendly has been providing TR-069 device management solutions to carriers and service providers since 2007”, said Vladimir Litman, VP of Research and Development. “When IoT and the Smart Home first emerged, Friendly leveraged its experience and extended its offering to the IoT and Smart Home markets. Today, Friendly provides a unified IoT platform for the management of LWM2M, MQTT, OMA-DM, and TR-069 devices – and a full solution for the Smart Home”.

For more information, visit friendly-tech.com.