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Conquer the Data Tsunami: Cost-Effective Device Management


Are you drowning in an ocean of sensor data from your sprawling IoT fleet? Feeling lost in the noise, struggling to extract actionable insights and optimize operations?

You’re not alone. Businesses grappling with millions of edge devices face a monumental challenge: data overload.

But what if you could orchestrate this data deluge, filter out the irrelevant, and unlock the true potential of your IoT investments? Friendly’s One-IoT™ Device Management Platform (DMP), which includes LWM2M-powered data orchestration, which offers the lifeboat you need, transforming chaos into clarity and boosting your bottom line.

Cost-Benefit Analysis:

Cost Reduction:

Reduced Network Bandwidth: LWM2M’s laser-focused data collection significantly minimizes data transfer, lowering network costs. Many of our customers are benefitting from 50%-80% reduction in data volumes, translating to immediate savings on your data plans.
Lower Storage Costs: By filtering out unnecessary data, Friendly’s One-IoT™ shrinks your storage footprint, slashing cloud storage expenses. We’ve seen customers saving up to 70% on storage fees, and thereby freeing up resources for other critical investments.
Increased Operational Efficiency: Precise data collection allows for targeted monitoring and predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and unnecessary service calls. Calculate the cost savings from avoiding a single equipment failure, and multiply it across your entire fleet.

Benefit Enhancement:

Actionable Insights: By focusing on the data that truly matters, you gain deep, actionable insights into your operations. Imagine pinpointing inefficiencies, optimizing processes, and predicting customer behaviour with surgical precision. Quantify the revenue gains from these insights, and witness the ROI multiply.
Improved Customer Satisfaction: Precise data enables personalized services and proactive problem-solving, leading to happier customers and higher retention rates. Translate enhanced customer satisfaction into increased revenue and brand loyalty.
Competitive Advantage: Friendly’s One-IoT gives you a data-driven edge, allowing you to make faster, smarter decisions and out manoeuvre competitors. Re-imagine the market share gains or revenue growth from being ahead of the curve.

Friendly’s One-IoT™: Your Data Deluge Saviour

Friendly’s One-IoT™ DMP empowers you to orchestrate your data, extract intelligence, and optimize your IoT fleet. With its LWM2M-powered data orchestration service, you can:

Fine-tune sensor parameters: Set precise data collection limits, ensuring you only receive the data you need.
Monitor millions of devices: Gain centralized control and real-time insights from your entire fleet.
Reduce complexity, increase efficiency: Streamline device management and save valuable time and resources.

device orchestration dashboard
Figure 1: Friendly One-IoT™ Orchestrating a fleet of IoT devices and fine-tuning the data filters


OMA Specworks’ LwM2M open standards device management protocol, a lightweight messaging protocol built for constrained devices, empowers a paradigm shift in data collection. Gone are the days of indiscriminate data dumps. Imagine executing precise control of each remote device, such as configuring the connected asset to: “Monitor temperature only between 15°C and 30°C. Report every 10 minutes, but send an immediate alert if it spikes above 35°C.”

This “fine-tuning” is achieved through LwM2M’s config parameters such as: pmin (Minimum Period), pmax (Maximum Period), gt (Greater Than), lt (Less Than), st (Step), epmin (Minimum Evaluation Period), and epmax (Maximum Evaluation Period). They act as data filters, sifting out the irrelevant noise and delivering only the data that truly matters. Couple this data filtering configurability with Friendly’s One-IoT™ DMP IoT Engine™ and Data Monitoring services, you have the most powerful data orchestration service at your disposal.

Explanation of IoT remote sensor data for temperature, soil moisture, and humidity.
Figure 2: Various LwM2M data filter options, orchestrating data ingestion en masse

Stop the data deluge in its tracks, unlock the hidden potential of your IoT investments, and revolutionize your operations with Friendly’s One-IoT™ DMP. Contact us today and take control of your data and devices, tomorrow.

Let’s conquer the data deluge together!