Quality Policy

ISO 9001 Quality Policy from Friendly Technologies

Friendly Technologies Ltd. hereby adopts the quality management standard ISO 9001, with the aim of providing its customers with professional and high-quality service in the field of sales, implementation, and support of end-unit
management software.

Friendly Technologies, Ltd. pursues and strives for excellence and professionalism in all areas of its activities, while maintaining fair relations with customers, suppliers, and long-term employees.

Friendly Technologies Ltd. considers the satisfaction of its customers to be of utmost importance to its success and existence, and does everything to meet their requirements, as mutually agreed upon.

The company sees human resources as the most important asset for achieving the company’s goals.

The company’s management and its employees are committed to operating in all fields of activity while minimizing business risks and allocating the resources required to achieve the established quality goals.

The company, Friendly Technologies, constantly audits the quality of the service and the effectiveness of the quality management system in order to strive for a continuous improvement process. The company’s management reviews and adjusts its policy from time to time, in accordance with the changes that occur in its business environment.